Every year the Glasgow Science Festival is an amazing opportunity for our group and other scientists to engage with thousands of members of the public through a huge number of events across the city. Monumental is one such event, 'which aims is to introduce women in science from the past and present times' to the public to celebrates inspirational Women in STEM.

This year our zebrafish guru Anita had the chance to participate in this amazing activity and share our fisheries-induced evolution research project with a public audience. Anita had a great time showing and explaining the aim of the project through the use of miniature fishing gears and fish models to children and parents interested about science. Children were fascinated with the different fishing gears and fishes, especially "why and how the fishes get into those"?

The audience liked the visible mini models which were presented together with pictures of experimental designs and pictures of real fishes. The combination of these tools helped with explanations of how we use these in research scenarios. Anita had an enjoyable time and learned a lot through this public engagement activity. Our group is always looking for similar opportunities to reach the broader audience and we love sharing our research!