We have a post-doc vacancy to focus on questions related to evolutionary developmental biology and genomics including the genetic and epigenetic basis of phenotypic change. The project takes place within our highly interdisciplinary group and has generous support from a recently awarded NERC Highlight topics grant to Dr Kevin J. Parsons (PI), Prof Neil B. Metcalfe, Dr Shaun S. Killen and Dr Jan Lindström. 

The project provides an opportunity to take evo-devo and genomics in a new direction by investigating the impact that long-term exposures to varying thermal regimes can have on evolution. The postdoc will be in charge of leading and applying large-scale population genomic and QTL mapping approaches to sticklebacks that have evolved within geothermally-heated and ambient temperature locations in Iceland. A substantial portion of this research will also involve the use of genomics to understand patterns of methylation in response to temperature in both wild and lab-reared populations. While these genomic approaches will be used, the lab is phenotype-first orientated and works at the intersections of ecology, evolution, physiology, and development.

See also the lab website of Kevin Parsons to get a broader feel for the ideas of techniques that will be involved in this research.

Deadline is January 8, 2017! To apply click here and search for reference 015558.